Student data archives

UNM's license for Blackboard Learn expired on August 31, 2023 and the UNM Learn system is no longer available.

However, UNM is required to maintain student data for up to five years to meet state data retention requirements for educational records. To accomplish this, UNM IT has contracted with a paid service to securely archive student work and grade data from UNM Learn for Banner academic courses that were taught between Fall 2018 and Spring 2022.

As of September 2023, and until May 2027, a request form is available for data requests. Archived student data is intended to fulfill specific requirements, such as investigation for grade disputes. Requests must be submitted by an academic authority appropriate to the request, and may take up to 30 days to process, and up to 60 days during high volume support times at the start of terms.

Data archived to support these requests include:

  • Grades (includes all grade columns) for whole class
  • Assignment Submissions (including Inline Grading Annotations) and Discussion Attachments for a particular student
  • Assignment Submissions (including Inline Grading Annotations) and Discussion Attachments for whole class
  • Test Submissions for a particular student and test(s)
  • Discussion Posts and Replies for whole class
  • Other (please fill this in on the request form if you need something that does not appear in this list)

Note: Self and Peer Assessment Submissions and Wiki Posts are not archived. Grades for these assessments are archived, however.

When submitting a request, please be aware that the archived data will not appear like it did within the Learn interface. Depending on the data requested, it may be provided via various and sometimes multiple file formats such as PDFs, CSV (comma-separated value) data files, screenshots, student submission file attachments, compressed files (i.e., .zip), etc. Also, in some cases data may be provided for the entire class even if you only request/need data for a single student. In a section grouped course, this would include the data for all students in all sections.

Please be aware the archiving process is not a 1-to-1 copy, so there is some potential for requested data to be absent from the archive system. If you are looking for something specific that is not retrieved when we process your request, please let us know. We will attempt to address any missing data to the best of our ability.